EMNLP 2013: Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing — October 18–21, 2013 — Seattle, USA.


Conference program for EMNLP 2013

All papers are available in PDF format on the ACL Antology, and can also be downloaded as a zipfile here.

Program overview

Saturday, Oct 19

Sunday, Oct 20

Monday, Oct 21

Full conference programme

Saturday, Oct 19

Information Extraction I

Chair: Stephen Bethard

Language Acquisition and Processing

Chair: Julia Hockenmaier

NLP for Social Media I

Chair: Noah Smith

NLP Applications I

Chair: Hang Li

Semantics I

Chair: Luke Zettlemoyer

Language Resources

Chair: Emily Bender

Machine Translation I

Chair: Kevin Knight

Dialogue and Discourse

Chair: Eugene Charniak

Morphology and Phonology

Chair: Anders Sogaard

Reception and Poster sessions

Poster session A (6:00–7:30pm)

Poster session B (7:30–9:00pm)

Sunday, Oct 20

Machine Learning for NLP

Chair: Chris Dyer

Summarization and Generation

Chair: Lucy Vanderwende

Information Extraction and Social Media Analysis

Chair: Soumen Chakrabarti

Machine Translation II

Chair: Kristina Toutanova

Semantics II

Chair: Dipanjan Das

Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis I

Chair: Oren Tsur

Machine Translation III

Chair: Taro Watanabe

Information Extraction II

Chair: Ellen Riloff

NLP Applications II

Chair: Min-Yen Kan

Monday, Oct 21

Information Extraction III

Chair: Andreas Vlachos

Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis II

Chair: Bing Liu

NLP for Social Media II

Chair: Chin-Yew Lin


Chair: Keith Hall

Semantics III

Chair: Martha Palmer

NLP Applications III

Chair: Richart Sproat

Plenary Session I

Chair: Anna Krohonen

Plenary Session II

Chair: Tim Baldwin